Muallim Naci cd. No:7 Ortaköy/Beşiktaş İSTANBUL
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About Us

We set out on the first step of our journey at 2009 with Nevv Sivas, followed by Nevv Galata in Istanbul.

Reviving the glory of mansions in exclusive districts is the vision of our mission to renovate old residences, turning them into high quality, modern accommodation while preserving their unique historical character.

The third step of our mission which started in Sivas – Nevv Bosphorus.

It has taken us two years to complete the renovation of four historical buildings, which constituted the residence of Ferit Pasha and which were charted on the map of Ortakoy madeover 100 years ago by Jacques Pervititch in his travels on horseback in Istanbul. Today Nevv Bosphorus offers its guests an exclusive environment, providing for all the needs of modern life and the warm comforts of home, while preserving its unique history.

Our mission to create exclusive, high quality accommodation goes on and we look forward to presenting you with the continuation of our vision in future projects.